Thalos is the homeworld of Humans, Merfolk, and Gnolls, as well as the adopted homeworld of a wide variety of hybrids, including many Halflings, some Goblins, and any number of less-common races. It has a similar climate to Earth – 70% of the surface is water, there are several scattered landmasses of various sizes, and temperatures range from arctic to tropical at the expected latitudes. Thalos is the “nexus” of the setting, having by far the most surviving Worldgates thanks to having a highly protective group of Gods until the last Godswar. Much trade between the other worlds involves traveling through Thalos.



Rezzik was once nearly unified under a powerful empire. During the last Godswar, a cabal of mortal wizards seeking to steal divinity ravaged the empire, exterminating millions to fill the ranks of their necromantic army. “Rezzik” is a corruption of the Empire’s true name, which is difficult to pronounce for those who do not natively speak the regional language. Today, humanoids from other parts of the world are re-colonizing the depopulated continent, seeing it as a rich frontier full of forgotten ruins waiting to be looted. The nomadic natives consider these colonists to be fools, as they have seen how dangerous the Godswar abominations roaming the interior of the continent can be – there is a reason that the survivors of the Rezzik empire have never rebounded from their nomadic lifestyle.

Rezzik is geographically somewhat isolated from the other continents, much like Australia in the real world. Rezzik once had several Worldgates, but as far as anyone can tell, they were all destroyed in the last Godswar. Some speculate that there may be one or more repairable gates, but no expedition has found one as of yet.


Kastal is the current de facto center of Human civilization. A fertile, temperate subcontinent with many rivers and seas, it supports a thriving community of culturally-related nations, especially along the southern coast. Kastal’s southern coast borders on a large sea, geographically similar to the Mediterranean Sea, providing ready trade access between several of the most powerful nations and trade partners on other continents. Kastal was largely spared the ravages of the most recent Godswar, resulting in its cities being dotted with buildings and construction that is unusually ancient for Human settlements. The ease of transit between Kastal and the other worlds has resulted in it having a particularly cosmopolitan society, with members of nearly every humanoid race living there.

Further enhancing Kastal’s status as a trade hub, it has a number of Worldgates in relatively close proximity. Trade between the other worlds is ofter routed through Kastal, especially the lucrative trade in dwarven metalwork that passes through a small Worldgate in the south. Furthermore, the straits at the mouth of the sea are the largest Worldgate to the gnomish homeworld in existence, allowing for a huge amount of trade to pass through in relative ease.


Nellya is the continent on the south side of the Kastalian Sea. The climate is warm, ranging from tropical rainforests to dry steppelands. Much of the continent burned during a past Godswar, though the close proximity to other settled lands has resulted in a quick repopulation. Gnolls and Humans make up most of the population, though there are significant populations of Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Giants living in the more mountainous regions. The interior steppes are mostly occupied by nomadic bands of Gnolls, as are the northern deserts. Humans rarely venture into the interior, believing there to be nothing of value there, but there are at least a few surviving ruins of past ages there, including a Worldgate to Brinduk that is controlled by an Orc kingdom. Most of these ruins are underground, and have long since been taken over by dark-dwelling humanoids from various worlds.


Taysadone is the eastern portion of the supercontinent that Kastal springs from. The climate varies widely, from deserts in the west and the interior, to tropical jungles in the southeast, to arctic tundra in the north, with a fairly large temperate band in between. It is home to a dizzying variety of cultures, not the least of which because it was the site of the Starfall during the most recent Godswar. The Starfall was an incident when many shards of a deceased God rained down on the region, creating an opportunity for ambitious mortals to achieve divinity. Vicious wars raged among mortals in the area to claim these shards, and they changed hands many times. Today, that region in southern Taysadone is ruled over by the Yiltian League, a group of five nation-states each ruled by an immortal Demigod-king (or -queen). The League is held together by a mutual-defense treaty, in which any alliance by two or more members against another will be countered by the remaining three; as the only credible threats to the immortal monarchs’ lives are each other, none wants to risk facing three of their brethren at once. The Thrialar Empire stands to their northeast, a vast empire founded by a fellow God-King who successfully warred against many of their counterparts in the days after the Godswar, claiming their powers. This external threat serves to keep the Yiltian League unified.


At least two other major continents exist, as well as perhaps some more major regions and subdivisions. They will be added in time.


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